About Whatzoff

WhatzOff is a local, comprehensive and integrated business platform for all offers and discounts.

The goal is to go from "What's new Offers available in Vadodara?" to becoming the global google for all special offers and promotions for any and all businesses.

WhatzOff is a bridge between Buyers, Local Sellers and Businesses (B2B and B2C). Currently strategized to be Vadodara's Local Search Engine and Directory for all offers, WhatzOff provides a better user experience and superior information. It's an easy-to-use Local Search Engine which makes it perfect for users interested in Offers (Discounts & Promotions).

Any local business that wants to acquire clients/customers in local geographical location would need to look much more beyond organic SEO, which is why WhatzOff gives businesses much more visibility and adds more depth to local search results. It makes finding local businesses much more feasible.

In a world where online searches about company, services and businesses is getting tougher day by day, Local businesses often rely on listings and citations on search engines for their online reputation, rankings and sales revenue.

Businesses listed on WhatzOff quickly receive a dramatic boost in Search Engine Result Page (SERP). It also helps increasing traffic to stores and on online websites.

WhatzOff is an effective marketing practice to get a business listed on Local Search Engine/Directories. If your business is visible online, search engines trust the accuracy of one's business data and make sure that your business shows up in Local Search Results.

Advantage to Buyer :

  • Gets latest offers (Discounts) from Sellers.
  • Gets Catagory wise Sellers.
  • Gets Area wise Sellers.
  • Gets Catagory+Area at the same time.
  • Gets Area+Discount at the same time.
  • Gets Discount+Category at the same time.
  • Can save Product or Sellers list in his wish list.
  • Can negotiate or call Seller online.
  • Can rate and review Sellers.
  • Gets genuine Sellers from own city, no fear of cheating.

Advantage to Seller :

  • Can give exciting Offers any time.
  • Different Discount slabs are given.
  • Gets 3 photo space and discription space. (One page website)
  • Listing on scroll.
  • Easy search system for Buyer.
  • Can discuss or call Buyer online.
  • Can make your business known to your own city's Buyer.
  • Potential buyers can discover your business.
  • Boost your reach considerably by making you visible to large numbers of people searching for local businesses. Especially those that use mobile devices.
  • Can Develop Brand Image in your own city's potential buyers.

Your listing on WhatzOff has many advantages

Added Advantages to Sellers :

  • Caters to local audience in the best possible way
  • Generates leads or growth of local business in local market
  • Improves brand’s presence in local market and brand image
  • Gets the leadership-preposition in market
  • Adds trust and visibility to your brand
  • Enhanced Online Traffic and Reviews
  • Serves users with highly relevant information
  • Helps buyers find what they want
  • Offers a much economical and tangible Online Advertising Platform
  • Achieves business goals and helps grow faster
  • Well updated as per market expectations
  • Good for website performance.
  • Generates reference backlinks and traffic.

Added Advantages to Sellers without Website:

  • Get online Presence
  • Enhance online Business
  • Online Marketing
  • Take Pride in Being Small and Local
  • If a business can’t be found on the web today, it’s akin to being "nowhere"

Register Yourself :

  • Registered Members get the benefits of Vadodara's important Nos. and List of Blood Donors.
  • Can invite friends to register for whatzoff.
  • Can send interesting quotes, stories, joke, poetry or other information to post on sites.

The more you dig (Search) and more you will get output (Saving).

List your Business on WhatzOff today and Get 3 months Extra Subscription!