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National Integration Day


National Integration Day is observed every year on the 19th of November all over India. It is celebrated as the birthday anniversary of prime minister of India Indira Gandhi. National integration day is also renowned as the Quami Ekta Divas to remember the birthday celebration of the first woman prime minister of India. National integration indicates the feeling of a common identity amongst the people of the country even after being from different races, cultures, religions or regions in order to build a strong and developed nation. It promotes the unity of diversity and feeling of oneness amongst people to a great level. It brings a type of racial and cultural similarity among people of a different community. It can be said that the unity which was displayed during the Indian Independence movement amongst the common Indian people against the British Rule. India is counted as one of the large countries in the world which is famous for its 2nd largest population all over the world and around 1652 spoken languages and dialects. It is the country including all major religions of the world such as Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianity, Jainism, Islam, Sikhism and Zoroastrianism with the varieties in culture, food habits, tradition, costume, and social customs. AIMS OF NATIONAL INTEGRATION DAY National Integration Day is celebrated every year to encourage people about the unity, peace, love, and brotherhood among them. • To promote harmony among Indian people instead of being diversity in the Indian society in terms of culture, multiple languages, religions, geographical diversity and etc. • To bring together the youths and other people of the various religious background, social, cultural, economic and education to the camp to mix up with each other, understand and work in a group. • To develop a better understanding among youths of diverse perceptions, faiths, and lifestyles to strengthen the unity of people in society. National Integration Day is celebrated every year in India by conducting a variety of programs and activities like Inter-State Youth Exchange Programme (ISYEP), National Integration Camp (NIC), National Youth Festival, National Youth Award and etc. Symposium, seminars, cultural activities are organized to deal with issues related to national integration. Research activities and publications are held in the camp. A variety of community services are done by youths of different social backgrounds, regions, faiths, and religions. Such youths are also given leadership training at the camps. Various other programs are organized to the camps to promote public harmony and national unity.

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