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Annular Solar Eclipse in India


December 26, 2019 Annular Solar Eclipse visible in India? (Surya Grahan in India) December's Solar Eclipse 2019 (Surya Grahan 2019) will be visible in India as a annular and partial eclipse depending on the location you are on.. Annularity will be visible in south India, in the states of Kerala and Tamil Nadu. Cities in the annularity path include: Tiruppur, Coimbatore, Dindigul, Mangalore, Trichy (Tiruchirappalli), Kozhikode The rest of the country will see partial eclipse of the sun but even on the northernmost parts of India about 40% of the Sun will be covered by the Moon. Largest cities in India will experience Sun obsuration: Mumbai 78.8%, Delhi 44.7%, Bangalore 89.4%, Hyderabad 74.3%, Ahmedabad 66.0%, Chennai 84.6%, Kolkata 45.1% Where are the best spots to see Annular Solar Eclipse in India? The best places to see annular eclipse in India lay in the center area marked on the map by the darkest red color (see the map below) - this is the place where the annularity duration is the longest. So, if you want to experience the longest annularity duration (more than 3 minutes), you should observe the eclipse from those locations e.g. Tiruppur, Tamil Nadu - annularity 3:11. The best place on the west coast of India is in the vicinity of Kanhangad (Kanjangad), Kerala and Neeleeswaram, Kerala where the annular eclipse duration is the longest (3 minutes and 12 seconds). The best spot on east coast of India is near the village Ammapattnam, Tamil Nadu (duration 3m15s). Probably one of the best places in this list is Ooty (Udagamandalam) hill station. The altitude of 2200 meters will lead to better, unobstructed by the clouds, view of the eclipse. Annularity will last in Ooty more than 3 minutes. Tip: To find places with the longest annularity time, go to the city list below and sort it by the 'Annular Eclipse Duration'. What time is the Eclipse in India? (Surya Grahan time in India) The partial eclipse will begin few minutes past 8 (8am) of local time (IST - Indian Standart Time = UTC+5:30) and will end at about 11:30 IST (11:30am). Annular eclipse on the west coast begins 9:24 IST, on the east coast few minutes later - 9:31 IST . Annularity ends at 9:27 on the west coast and 9:35 on the east coast.

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