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Penumbral Lunar Eclipse


A penumbral eclipse of the Moon occurs on Friday 10 January, 2020 UT, lasting from 17:07–21:12 UT. At maximum eclipse, 90% of the Moon's disc will be partially shaded by the Earth, which will cause a slight shadow gradient across its disc; this subtle effect may be visible to careful observers. No part of the Moon will be in complete shadow. The eclipse will last 4 hours and 5 minutes overall, and will be visible from Africa, Europe, Asia, Alaska, and Australia. The timings of the eclipse are as follows. You will be able to see the eclipse if the Moon is up as seen from your location; but note that this penumbral eclipse will be very difficult to see in practice: Penumbral eclipse begins: 17:07:45 UT Maximum eclipse: 19:09:59 UT Penumbral eclipse ends: 21:12:19 UT During this eclipse the Moon will be just 3 days before perigee, making it relatively large. At maximum eclipse it will be 0.545° in apparent diameter, which is 2.6% larger than average. Timing of the lunar eclipse in India: The eclipse will begin at 10:37 pm on January 10 and will end around 2.42 am on January 11, director of M P Birla Planetarium, Debiprosad Duari, said in a statement.

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