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National Defence Day


National Defence Day National Defence Day annually observing on 3rd March. National Defence Day celebrates to raise awareness among the public about the importance of Civil protection. Specifically, this year National Defence Day 2020 falls on 3rd March 2020, Tuesday. National Defence is the combination of cadets of the three services Indian Army, Indian Navy, and Indian Air Force. Also, it is the joint venture of the Indian Armed Forces. The National Defence Academy head office is located near Khadakwasla near Pune in Maharashtra. It’s the first tri-service academy in the world. What is the National Defence? National Defense or National Security is a Nation’s security and defense. Particularly, including its citizens, institutions and economic security of a Nation. Chiefly, National Security is considered as the duty of the Government. History of National Defence Day • In order to build a war memorial in recognition of the sacrifices of Indian troops in the liberation of Sudan in the East African Campaign, Sudanese Government in 1941 gave a hundred thousand pounds to Lordlinlithgow and then to the Governor-General of India during World War II. • During the year 1946, in December, Field Marshal Claude Auchinleck and Commander in Chief of Indian Army submitted a report to the Government. Joint Service Military Academy established on the recommendation of a committee. • After the Independence of India in August 1947, the Auchinleck report was taken into account. Chiefly, the Chief of the Staff Committee and its implementation immediately performed. Eventually, in 1947 an action plan initiated by the committee. Further, the search for a site to build the defense academy began. • Joint Services Wing (JSW) an interim training academy commissioned on 1st January 1949. At the Armed Force Academy(Now Indian Military Academy) in Dehradun. Jawaharlal Nehru on 6th October 1949 laid the foundation for the National Defence Academy. In independent India, the first Defence Minister was Mr.Baldev Singh. • Currently, the Defence Minister of India is Mr.Rajnath Singh. • National Defence Academy formally commissioned on 7th December 1954 with an inauguration ceremony held on 16th January 1955. National Defence Day Theme Generally, National Defence Day is celebrated under the theme “It’s My Turn”. The theme signifies the importance of every citizen of India to stand for Civil protection. National Defence Academy Objectives • To achieve required educational standards and acquire mental and physical qualities essential to their progressive and continued development as officers of the fighting services. • To provide basic service training as will develop in their character, initiative, self-confidence and above all, qualities of leadership. • Development ability to appreciate the inter-service aspect of the Armed Forces. • To establish an interest in extracurricular activities of the outdoor type • Instill the spirit of the Honour Code as well as moral and ethical values. National Defence Day Activities Various activities are organized on Indian Defence Day to raise public awareness of the protection of every citizen of India. The Defence organizations of the country especially celebrate the day with formal activities.

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