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World Nature Conservation Day


• World Nature Conservation Day is celebrated every year on 28 July. There is no clear information about why the date of July 28 was chosen to celebrate this day. Every year a different theme is decided by organizations and environmentalists, but due to Corona crisis, the theme of this day has not been set this year. However, despite the Corona crisis, the importance of practicing to protect natural resources remains. • The origin of World Nature Conservation Day is unknown. On this day, people promise to support nature and preserve it. In the year 2020, the whole world has faced many natural disasters like Australia bushfires, Amazon forest fires, cyclone Amfan and Nisarg havoc in India, Uttarakhand forest fires and locust attacks in the midst of Corona epidemic. In such a situation, it is very important to create a healthy environment to save the present and future generations. • Importance of World Nature Conservation Day • Every activity in the world depends on nature and it affects our nature. In such a situation, it is our duty to keep our surroundings and environment safe and clean. In our current situation, there are many things which can prove to be a threat to nature and from previous examples it proves that we have ignored nature rather than preserving it. The main purpose of World Nature Conservation Day is to protect, maintain and conserve natural resources, habitats. • To avoid natural disasters, global warming, various diseases, etc., by creating awareness among people, they have to attract attention towards conservation of natural resources. We are facing an epidemic in such a situation, why not start protecting our nature from our home. For this, make your family members aware about the conservation of nature and natural resources, so that they can contribute to it and other people can be inspired to do so.

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