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9th November 2019 - Legal Services Day


The day celebration is organized all over India to increase awareness of free legal aid towards every weak citizen of the country. It aims to make sure the availability of free services to the weaker section people as well as making them conscious about their rights. The legal message has been sending by the government authorities that all the people who come under underprivileged citizens (who are not capable to afford the legal services), must get free legal services as their legal right. It has also been noted that this service is free legal aid which is not associated with a charity. All the legal practitioners should know their constitutional duty that it is the legitimate right for all the legal beneficiaries. The significance of organizing the free services in Nagaland has been emphasized by the Deputy Commissioner Dimapur, Hushili Sema where the disabled people of society would be benefited and assisted in a variety of ways. Various NGOs also played their great role in developing the services by attending the program. The act, regulations, and rules were first implemented by the Sikkim state in 1995 which was continued by a number of states by organizing the services (training programs and awareness) related to removing the crucial issues of the woman, children, and youths. It has also been stated that the students and children of an early age should be aware of the constitutional rights and laws relating to them. There is also a need to be aware of child labor and old parents by opening the welfare centers. The state government has supported and cooperated a lot by granting the funds needed for the SSLSA operations.

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