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05 11 2019

Farmers of Villages (Vadodara) to turn farm waste into medicines


Farmers of Sherkhi, Sindhrot, Dena, Mota Fofalia, Muval, Gavasad, Barkal, Lola and Bhanpur Villages will make hair and body oil, sherbets, cough syrup, medicnal powders and mouth fresheners from waste of of plants like ‘kuvadiyo’, ‘nagod’, ‘galo’, ‘damro’, ‘guggal’, ‘bhangro’ and ‘gudmar’ plants. Gujarat Ecological Society (GES) started training them through a series of workshops. The Gujarat Medicinal Plant Board to conduct training programmes on value addition of medicinal plants, GES held workshops in nearby villages. Ayurveda experts will give formulas to make the oils, cough syrups and other products that are helpful joint pain, arthritis, diabetes, hypertension, kidney ailments, etc. Farmers pay labour cost to remove and dispose this farm waste but if used properly, these can add to farmers’ income and avoid noxious fumes by burning stubble.

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