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Celebrate Life - By Lifestyle Guru Prakash Joshi


Celebrate Life - Festivals are a known panacea for all our sorrows, they bring in so much happiness and laughter in our lives. But do we really need a reason in the form of festivals, to rejoice? "Each day will be a day of festivity if we learn to celebrate every moment of our life." Says lifestyle expert Dr. Prakash Joshi

Over the ages many incidents have marked the achievement of human beings, giving man a reason to set apart days to celebrate these achievements. But if we look at our surroundings with total awareness and alertness, we will realise that no other being follows this practice. for all other creatures existence itself is a celebration. In the morning birds start singing, with sunrise the light starts breathing, the waves of the ocean are dancing. The whole universe seems to be celebrating something, except man because the human mind creates such misery and illusion around itself that prohibits man from enjoying the beauty of existence. All other creations of God are totally engrossed in their celebration because they move in accordance with the existing force. Festivals bring in physical and mental happiness. In every part of the world there are festivals to be celebrated. Festivals bring with them an urge to revivify. People become ready and excided to wear new clothes, to renovate the house and to replace old things and thoughts with new ones.

Festivals free your mind from thoughts of the past or anxiety of the future and you live in the present and you start living every moment of life. When festivals are around the corner, we are always in a mood to love each other, wish goodness to everybody and spread happiness around us.

Festival shed a light of awareness on the human mind and a lot of positive energy is radiated in the form of sharing. Celebration is an attitude, make your life a festival. so make a vow with total awareness to live and grow in festivity. when we live our life as a celebration we have lived it fully.

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