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Fulfilling 2020 with New Year's Resolution Ideas - By Whatzoff


Fulfilling 2020 with 50 New Year's Resolution Ideas

List of 50 New Year’s resolutions that will inspire you to live your best life while looking forward to the year ahead.

Carve Out Me Time

This could mean taking singing classes to get over the fear of performing in front of others, for example. Especially if you feel like you have tons of commitments that aren’t always for you, carve out some solid "me" time in the year ahead by trying a new hobby—or resurrecting an old one—such as cooking, making art, or reading a good book.

Make New Friends

Okay, we admit that it's not always easy to make new friends (especially in your 30s), but there’s no reason to stop trying. Join a local social group on Meet-up, or volunteer your time to an organization in need—others may also be trying to meet new people, too, which can alleviate some of the pressure.

Create A Budget

While coming up with a budget isn't necessarily the most fun thing to do (unless you're a numbers person), not knowing where your cash has gone, and being unable to cover your monthly expenses, is even less so. Use an online management tool or app, such as Mint and Clarity Money, or use a spreadsheet template to help set short- and long-term goals. Budgeting for social gatherings and incidentals (unexpected dinners out, new clothes, a locksmith's visit) means you won't have to change old habits too much.

Foster New Work

Even if you’re not looking for a new job right now, it’s still wise to keep sharp in case you see a posting that interests you. Revisit old profile pics and update them, edit and add skills to your résumé, network, subscribe to job alerts, and create an online folder where everything job-related is kept in one place. Keep your professional standing in good health now, and be well prepared to nail any job application and interview.


A clean home is a happy home; quell anxiety, overwhelm, and stress by tidying up and de-cluttering everything around you. Tackle the refrigerator, cabinets, and messy drawers, desks, and closets. Toss everything you haven't used in six months, donate what you don't love or need, and get ready to celebrate the new year with new clarity and peace of mind.

Manage Stress

If left unchecked, stress and anxiety can go unnoticed for some time, and later manifest themselves in physical and emotional ways. Instead of waiting for them to rear their ugly heads, learn stress management and reduction techniques now. Some meditate, others practice yoga, and many exercise to combat stress.

Be Happy

Many people spend a good portion of their lives saying, “I’ll be happy when...” Don't wait to be, or get, happy. Instead, keep healthy habits, focus on staying positive, practice gratitude, and let go of too-stringent or unattainable ambitions while acknowledging there may still be achievable goals you'd like to attain during the upcoming year.

Catch Up With Family

Take time to appreciate loved ones via a simple phone call, even if they live just down the street. Check in with those close to you, especially older relatives, if only to say you love them and are grateful for their presence in your life. Not only will it make a sister's, grandparents', or cousin's day, strong family ties contribute to happiness and physical health.

Stop The FOMO

Social media, huge event calendars, and self-imposed guilt only add to one's FOMO, aka Fear of Missing Out. But who wants to start the year off feeling miserable, less connected to others, and stressed out? This year, look within and realize that while there's always something going on, you can't do everything and be everywhere all the time. (How exhausting.) Take some "me" time to relax and recharge instead of dragging yourself out to a rager for the fourth time this week. Or, if you're too good at saying no, start saying yes to people who ask you to do things—even if you don't think you'll have fun.

Nurture True Friendships

Having many acquaintances is nice until you realize that a super-small portion of them will have your back through thick and thin. Resolve to spend your precious energy on, and free time with, only those you care most deeply about—and those who reciprocate. True friendships are about quality, not quantity.

Relish Your S.O.

It's a worthwhile New Year's resolution that keeps on giving all year long. (Sending love notes works, too) Reserve time on your calendar for several date nights per month—and don't be too attached to what you wind up doing. Remember that staying home can be just as good (if not better) than going out.

Give Back

Whether you give back once or repeatedly, taking time to volunteer, practicing random acts of kindness, and donating to charity organizations empowers us and opens us up to new experiences and opportunities.

Satisfy Your Wanderlust

Stop waiting for the "perfect time" to take a trip. Pick a destination and get there in the year ahead.

Prioritize Health

This year, make health a priority

Find A Side Hustle

Whether it’s to earn extra cash or to follow a passion that your day job doesn't satisfy, taking a second job, aka side hustle, could be a great way to indulge your deeper, more fulfilling interests. At the very least, you’ll learn more about work/life balance and develop some pretty major time management skills.

Seek Culture

Troll museum and gallery websites to learn about upcoming art exhibitions, score tickets to a play or ballet, take in an orchestral performance, and over the course of next year, teach yourself to appreciate the finer things in life. Cultural activities inspire creativity and teach you open-mindedness and tolerance—something we all can get behind.

Shun Social Media

Too much social media can be a bad thing—especially when you start comparing your real life to someone’s seemingly picture-perfect online life.

End Procrastination

Mark Twain had it right when he opined, "Never put off until tomorrow what you can do today." Begin by taking a few minutes to make a list of the things you were going to do tomorrow—and yes, do at least one of those things today.

Be Thankful

All successful people practice gratitude to feel healthier, happier, and more at peace with themselves—and they do so daily. Fostering gratitude means writing down a few things you're thankful for—and why.

Spread Kindness

There's actually scientific evidence that being kind makes you feel calmer, healthier, and happier—and it's also contagious. Make the world a better place by resolving to do one kind thing (or more!) for a stranger every day or month.

Try A New Workout

Getting stuck in an exercise rut can be the reason we stop making it a regular part of our lives. This upcoming year, make it a habit to try a new routine at the gym.

Accept Change

In life, change is one of the only constants. Learning to accept it can be difficult, especially if you're change-averse. Remember that change is what allows us to grow and become more comfortable with being uncomfortable. Make a resolution to embrace the unknown and think more positively about any changes that occur.

Remember Important Dates

Have you ever found yourself saying, "I'm awful at remembering birthdays"? If so, make a concerted effort to acknowledge other peoples' milestones as you would your own. Anniversaries, promotions, births—anything you yourself would celebrate—are all fair game.

Drink More Water

Healthy adult females and males should drink roughly 11 Glass and 13 glass, respectively, of water every day. If you're way under this amount (congrats if you're already on track), start drinking more water in the new year.

Live Productively

There are only 24 hours in a day, so spend the new year maximizing the number of things you're able to get done: Work on developing your time management skills, research productivity hacks and apps, and turn off that phone.

Treat Yourself Kindly

Mistakes and bad days are both inevitable. If you find you're apt to browbeat, rather than show yourself kindness, spend the next year working to reverse this negative habit—it only breeds anxiety and depression. Practicing mindfulness, regular exercise, healthy eating, and ample sleep all help to foster self-compassion.

Dream Bigger

Reflect on your current dreams and aspirations. Now ask yourself if they're truly as big as they can be. Create your next, positive life phase by training yourself to think beyond what you imagine you can achieve. Cast doubt aside, concentrate only on what you love and that which makes you most fulfilled, and open yourself up to new possibilities in the coming year.

Start Meditating

Meditating has nothing to do with religion or philosophy and everything to do with cultivating a healthy mindset and reducing stress.


While takeout is super-convenient, it's not that affordable or healthy. Cooking meals yourself means you'll know exactly what's in them, and whether ingredients are fresh (and healthful). Make a New Year's resolution to cook more, or learn how, and save some major cash in the process.

Follow A Skincare Routine

Glowy skin doesn't just appear overnight—it's the result of years of proper care.

Conquer A Fear

What things do you typically avoid like the plague? Whether you loathe speaking in public, detest snakes and spiders, or you're scared of some imaginary tragedy that has yet to happen, fear isn't something to hold onto—especially since it will always return and prevent you from living your best life.

Cultivate Compassion

We never really know what’s going on in someone else's life. So before you get mad at a friend for canceling plans or mutter under your breath when a stranger does something to annoy you, teach yourself to pause and summon some compassion before huffing and puffing.


For adults, reading books is crucial to our self-development.

Commute Productively

If you're lucky enough to work from home, congrats. But if you're like the rest of the commuting to and from work. Instead of letting precious time go to waste, listen to audiobooks and podcasts to boost your productivity while improving your overall experience.

Become More Decisive

Nobody's perfect, and not every decision can be, either.

Channel Your Inner Child

Playfulness is grossly underrated. Especially if you have a particularly draining day job, resolve to make time for play.

Maintain Movement

Keeping it moving doesn't necessarily mean you have to sweat through a high-intensity Tabata workout (but that works, too). Rather, it simply suggests one should be mobile—not sedentary—to get that blood flowing every single day.

Sleep Better

It’s not just how long you sleep but also the quality of your rest.

Give Up A Vice

While smoking, drinking, and eating to excess are the usual suspects, other bad habits (running from your problems, self-sabotaging, constant worrying) can fly under the radar, and rob you of your happiness just the same.

Fly Solo

Although humans are social beings, learning to be, and do things, alone isn't always second-nature.

Care For Something

Sure, we all need to practice self-care to live our best lives, but what about nurturing something other than yourself?

Keep In Touch

These days, not everyone stays in the same place for long.

Stay Present

According to a 2010 study by Harvard University, we spend nearly half of our lives not living in the present moment.

Develop An Abundance Mindset

Too often, life becomes a "keeping up with the Joneses" race to the finish.

Learn Patience

Yes, patience is a virtue, but it's one that can be notoriously difficult to foster and maintain, but science says that waiting for things only makes us happier.

Quit Apologizing

A lot of us (women especially) have the habit of apologizing for passively uttering "I'm sorry," even when we haven't made an error and/or when things aren't our fault.

Practice Optimism

Pessimism is so over; Make a New Year's resolution to always see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Get Yourself Seen

The existential concept of "being seen" basically enables one to harness the vulnerability in exposing our true selves to others in order to foster greater self-confidence.

Love Yourself Unconditionally

Loving yourself just as you are, without restrictions (and not for who you will become one day) is challenging for most people.


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