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About Tugbuk Tugbuk - By Ms. Sonal Shah Maheshwary


Life is a reason to celebrate. TugbukTugbuk makes your little dreams come true by riding around your world of memories for the most cherished and joyous moments.

From inception to childhood and then adulthood every season has a reason for celebration. At TugbukTugbuk customization is in our DNA. We align your imaginations and ideas to make them real.

Life's milestones, festivities, happy ventures, achievements and more, we believe in crafting memories and making them so very special for your loved ones.
Come & embrace us by being a part of our beautiful journey where we celebrate moments and turn them into memories etched for a lifetime.

We are located in the Culturally Vibrant City of India, Vadodara aka The Banyan City.

Get in touch with us and we will weave those beautiful memories for you.

Our Products

1. Chalkboard Posters
Capture your loved one's favourite and fun memories with our customized chalkboard posters.Chalkboard posters add a unique personalized touch to your parties, birthdays, baby showers, anniversaries, wedding, housewarming parties and all other special days. One can display everything from welcome messages to names and more on these posters, to add a unique, striking touch to one’s event decor. It's completely personalized wherein you may suggest the theme, colour, content and everything you want, our job is to fulfil your expectations on point.

2. Birth Stats Poster
It is a great gift for new mom or dad or to celebrate the birth of your new little squishy! It is perfect for displaying alone as a focal piece, or as a part of a gallery wall. Add effortless style to your nursery, or a special event. Your imagination is the limit! These also make great gifts!

3. Milestone Cards
Celebrate the growth journey of your baby with our milestone cards. They work best as props for your little one’s monthly shoots. Each Baby Milestone Card marks an important milestone in your baby’s first year that you can capture on camera and treasure forever. From baby’s first week to their first steps.

Sonal Shah Maheshwary - +91 9727399102

For more details visit : facebook.com/TugbukTugbuk and instagram.com/TugbukTugbuk

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